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202S DURACELL DR202 Li-Ion Battery for Laptops

DURACELL DR202 Li-Ion Battery in Duracell
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Manufacturer: Other Brands
202S laptop part:
DURACELL DR202 Li-Ion Battery

New Rechargeable Li-Ion laptop battery.

Product Specifications:

Compatible Part Numbers: DR202S, DR202 or EMC 202S

Compatible with the following:
AST Ascentia: A41, A42, A51, A60Plus, M5XXX, M6XXXseries
Chem USA: ChenBook 5400, 5580, 6800
CTX: EzBook 800 series
Hitachi: ND1, ND2, Visionbook 133, Plus, Pro
Magitronic: 600, 610, 620 series
Multi-Media: Topline 86
NorthStar: Aries Series
Sager: PC-M200
Sys-Tech: Ranger i-Note
TJ Technolo: TekBook 822
Wedge Tech: PowerBook 5 CD
BSI: NB8600
Clevo: Model 862
Daewoo: 7550
IDP: Vaquero
Megaimage: Apollo series, MegaBook 911 series
Northgate: NB86
NTK: Submarine
Samsung: SENSpro 500 series
Tiger: Designate series, GT series
Trigem: DreamBook 110DB, 210DB, GemLite 1075
Canon: NoteJet III, NoteJet IIICX P120
Commax: NB8600, SmartBook V
Chicony: 1500
Clevo: 66, 82H, 86, 862, 863, 86A, 870, 873, 875, 96, 96H
Chembook: 5400, 5580, 6800
Daewoo: 7750
Epson: VividyNote 510ET, 512ST, 513ST
KIWI: OpenNote 820
Micro Intl.: Mint 6200
NoteBook Co: 6400AT
Sager: NP660/862, NP6200, NP8100, NP8300, NP8600
Smart-Tec: Green Note
Tatung: TNB-5500, TNB-5600
Trogon: E 12 series
Vividy Note: 510ED, 512ST, 513ST, PRO C, PRO CX
Valiant: 5340AS, 5350, 6370, 6380, 6480, 6480iPTD, 6480iTPD, 6481, 6481 CIPTD, 671DP.

Rating: 10.8V
Capacity: 6600 mAh
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 6 months
In Stock: Yes
  • Genuine product
  • Condition: NEW (not refill or refubrished)
  • Shipping from USA
  • Same business day shipping

DR202 Li-Ion Battery in Duracell

DR202 Li-Ion Battery

New Rechargeable Li-Ion laptop battery with battery life indicator...
Part numbers: DR202S, DR202, 202S

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DR202 Li-Ion Battery

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