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Gateway 65Watt AC Adapter for Laptops

Gateway 65Watt  AC Adapter in 3000
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Manufacturer: Gateway
Gateway 65Watt AC Adapter

This is a Brand New DGateway Original Product
65-watt AC Adapter for Gateway Notebooks.

Compatible Notebook Models:

Gateway Part Numbers: 0225C1965, 19057-A403, 6500920, 6500946, 101094, 102444, 102458, 102918, 103310, 103739, 103905, 103907, 101953, 102042, 102522, 103316, 103325, 103326, 105195, 105927, 105928, ACE83-110114-7100, ACD83-110114-7100, ACE83-110128-0200, 83-110128-0200, ACE83-110087-3100, 83-110087-3100, QCD1ACYZZZTA51, QND1ACYZZZ0090, QND1ACYZZZ00A4, QND1ACYZZZTA51, QND1ACYZZZTA78, PA-1650-01,

Gateway M210: M210.
Gateway M250: M250A, M250B, M250E, M250ES, M250G, M250GS.
Gateway 3000: 3018GZ, 3040GZ .
Gateway 3500: 3520GZ, 3522GZ , 3525GB , 3525GZ, 3545GZ, 3550GH, 3550GZ.
Gateway 4000: 4012GZ, 4024GZ, 4025GZ, 4026GZ, 4028GZ, 4028JP, 4030GH, 4030GZ.
Gateway 4500: 4520GZ, 4525GZ, 4530GH, 4530GZ, 4535GZ, 4536GZ, 4538GZ, 4540GZ, 4542GP.
Gateway 6000: 6010GZ, 6018GH, 6018GZ, 6020GZ, 6021GH, 6021GZ, 6022GZ, 6023GP.
Gateway 6500: 6510GZ, 6518GZ, 6520GZ, 6525GP, 6531GZ.
Gateway MX3000: MX3042, MX3044, MX3044h.
Gateway MX3500: MX3558, MX3558h, MX3560, MX3560h, MX3562, MX3563, MX3563h.
Gateway NX2000: NX200S, NX200X, NX250X .
Gateway S-7200: S-7200N.

Product Specifications:

Manufacturer: Gateway
Power Cord: Included
AC Input: 100 - 240V AC, 50 - 60Hz
DC Output: 19V, 3.42A
Power Provided:65 Watts
Condition: Brand New
In Stock: Yes
  • Genuine product
  • Condition: NEW (not refill or refubrished)
  • Shipping from USA
  • Same business day shipping

Part compatibility
Part numbers
Gateway 3018GZGateway 3040GZGateway 3520GZGateway 3522GZ
Gateway 3525GBGateway 3525GZGateway 3545GZGateway 3550GH
Gateway 3550GZGateway 4012GZGateway 4024GZGateway 4025GZ
Gateway 4026GZGateway 4028GZGateway 4028JPGateway 4030GH
Gateway 4030GZGateway 4520GZGateway 4525GZGateway 4530GH
Gateway 4530GZGateway 4535GZGateway 4536GZGateway 4538GZ
Gateway 4540GZGateway 4542GPGateway 6010GZGateway 6018GH
Gateway 6018GZGateway 6020GZGateway 6021GHGateway 6021GZ
Gateway 6022GZGateway 6023GPGateway 6510GZGateway 6518GZ
Gateway 6520GZGateway 6525GPGateway 6531GZGateway M210
Gateway M250AGateway M250BGateway M250EGateway M250ES
Gateway M250GGateway M250GSGateway M320Gateway M325
Gateway MX3042Gateway MX3044Gateway MX3044hGateway MX3558
Gateway MX3558hGateway MX3560Gateway MX3560hGateway MX3562
Gateway MX3563Gateway MX3563hGateway NX200SGateway NX200X
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